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The Illinois Sustainability Awards The Illinois Sustainability Awards

Evaluation Criteria

To best evaluate your application, and to help our applicants understand what information we are seeking from potential Awardees, ISTC has created the following criteria. Utilize this information to evaluate your own application prior to submission to ensure your application can answer the questions listed below.

Remember, activities submitted must have been completed or have shown substantial progress by December 31, 2016. We will not take 2017, or future projects, into consideration when reviewing your application.

The Process

Application evaluations take place in June and July of each calendar year. A committee of evaluators within the Illinois Sustainable Technology Center (ISTC) review your application with the criteria listed below. Evaluator expertise is taken into account when applications are being assigned. Therefore, there are technical experts familiar with your industry, project scope, or technology evaluating your application.

Once all application evaluations are complete, semi-finalists are then chosen and notified of their selection. ISTC then conducts a regulatory compliance check with Illinois EPA to ensure the company is environmentally compliant. During this process, ISTC may reach out to your company or organization for a site visit to confirm activities listed in your application, or learn more about your sustainable process. If you receive a site visit, it does not indicate nor guarantee that you will win an Award.

ISTC then notifies all Finalists and non-Finalists of their application status in August/September. All Award winners will be notified and recognized at the Awards Ceremony on October 24, 2017 at the Union League Club of Chicago.


Applicants will be evaluated primarily on their implementation of sustainability activities. The results should be significant when evaluated against the organization's size and available resources. Here are some of the qualifications we look for:

Applications need to address the three legs of sustainability; economic, social and environmental issues, as outlined below:

There are many types of Illinois Sustainability Award applications. In an effort to provide more guidance to unique applications for commercial technologies and industry or community-based sustainability programs, we have listed application qualities that our evaluators use when reading submissions.

If your application focuses on a commercial technology, an applicant must demonstrate that the technology:

If your application focuses on an industry or community-based sustainability program, an applicant must demonstrate that the program:

Applicants also must include a statement at the end of the application confirming the company or organization is not subject to an environmental enforcement action or notice of violation from the U.S. EPA or Illinois EPA. An organization that faces such a compliance action is not eligible to win an award.

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